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Shillong Khanapara Teer Official Game.

Shillong Teer is a popular game in the states of Meghalaya, Assam, and Juwai. We have developed a dedicated Shillong application for our clients in Meghalaya. While the game is similar to Gali and Disawar, it has its unique aspects. If you're looking to develop a Shillong playing application, you can rely on #GoWebs, a renowned company in this field. Feel free to check out our demo Shillong application and contact our team for more information.

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Download the official Shillong Khanapara Juwai APK GoTeer with live result.

shillong teer software

What is Shillong Teer Application ?

Shillong Teer is a popular game played in the state of Meghalaya. Participants can make guesses and place bids on numbers ranging from 00 to 100 to win. To capitalize on this opportunity and cater to the users in Meghalaya, it's time to develop a dedicated Shillong Teer software. By creating such a platform, you can generate revenue and provide an enhanced gaming experience for the players. Don't wait any longer; start developing your Shillong Teer software and seize the chance to earn profits.

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Shillong Teer Result
Shillong Teer Hit Number
Shillong Teer Hit Number
Shillong Teer Hit Number

Khanapara Juwai Shillong Teer App Game Process

These games involve predicting the winning numbers based on different criteria,
Players place bets on numbers, and the results are declared at specific times.

Overview of Go Teer

Experience the incredible features!

Discover the incredible features and functionalities of the Goteer application that make it a gamechanger in the world of Khanapara Shillong Teer games.

What features does our Shillong software provide?

go teer admin panel
shilong teer software development

Shilling Admin Software (GoTeer)

These games involve predicting the winning numbers based on different criteria,
Players place bets on numbers, and the results are declared at specific times.

How to buy Shillong Software - Goteer

It is quite simple to purchase Shillong software. Just contact the Gowebs team via phone call or WhatsApp, and they will guide you through the process. However, you may be wondering about the customer care number for Gowebs.

Gowebs Costumer care.

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gowebs product details

Go Teer Gallery

We provide the most useful app screens to enhance understanding and ensure a better user experience before downloading. It is important to ensure the greatness of your app.


Easy to customize

Highly customizable with userfriendly options, effortless to personalize and modify.


OTP Based Register & Login

Secure registration and login process with onetime password (OTP) verification.


Share & Earn

Share the Goteer Shillong app with friends and family to earn.

shilong teer software development

Wallet Management

Efficient management of digital wallet for seamless financial transactions.


Bid History

Track and view bidding history for comprehensive transaction record analysis.


Market Result Chart

Visualize market results through a comprehensive and interactive chart.


Got questions? We’ve got answers.

What is the price of the Shillong software?

The regular price for the Shillong application/software is ₹95,000. However, we are offering it at just ₹60,000. But that's not all! We have some exciting offers waiting for you. Call today and grab this special deal!

What does the Shillong application/software offer?

The Shillong application/software provides a comprehensive package that includes an efficient admin panel, a user-friendly application, and round-the-clock professional support.

What is the expected delivery time for receiving the software?

We have developed the Shillong Teer Software and app, which will be available for 24 hours. Additionally, we are offering a logo with our service, but there might be a slight delay in providing it.

Do you provide domain and hosting services for Satta Matka software?

We are offering free domain and hosting for one year, along with free SSL.

Are there any charges for renewing the Shillong Teer Software?

There are no renewal charges for the Shillong Teer App. However, if you wish to have access to our services and receive software updates indefinitely, there is an annual fee of 15,000. Please note that this is a basic charge and may vary. Additionally, if you choose to continue using our hosting services with fewer than 10,000 users, there is a yearly fee of 2,000. Domain renewal charges will depend on the domain provider.

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